What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Tacoma Search Engine Optimization is the means of getting a web site to page one on the search engines for specific keywords.

There are Search Engine Optimization secrets, but you can learn some of them from the book Timeless SEO Secrets written by our CEO Dr. Ty Belknap. However, most search engine optimization deals with ranking and placement methodologies to follow in order to beat your competition in obtaining a high ranking for desired search keywords. Search engine optimization is only a matter of knowing what to put where, and constant maintenance to keep rankings high.

SEO does require knowledge of web programming, web design, HTML knowledge, and a lot of plain work. You can do it yourself if you want, or you can hire a qualified company to do the work for you. Contact us today to know more.

Although you don't have to hire a company to provide Search Engine Optimization, working with Intra-Designs on your Internet Marketing can make a difference in bringing new clients to you.

There are 5 key ways to stimulate traffic and visitors to your web site:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Affiliate programs
  • Incoming links
  • Pay per click programs
  • Search engine optimization

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Contact us today to find out which ones are best for you!

Incoming link URLs are very time-consuming.

Linking to someone else (for link exchange purposes) is no good unless they link to you as well. Although free incoming links are available, the results are very unpredictable. Vendors will often provide free incoming links but they may be tied to quotas or exclusivity demands. The traffic productivity of an incoming link depends on the target market that you serve. And, quality varies from market to market. There are relevancy issues such as whether the page is linked from a highly trafficked site, has many incoming links, and/or is similar in content to the page that it is linked to.
Intra-Designs offers links from our design portfolio and from Daffodil Valley Times, our community resource guide.
The incoming links you automatically get from our directory pages have an immediate effect upon your traffic.

All your advertising and promotions should be accompanied by your domain name (www.intra-designs.com for instance). If you are interested in banner ads or any other form of web advertising, we can create them for you. Our specialty is coding your site to be found by search engines and bringing you traffic through our community resource guide.
Although there are over 3000 search engines, 95% of the business in the US comes from 3:

  • Bing
  • Google
  • Yahoo

Intra-Designs applies each page of your site to the main search engines. We submit our client’s sites to Bing and Google.

Many search engines take longer than two months to gain entry, but there are acceptable ways to lower that number.
The search engine rating game is subtle and complicated. Each search engine has different rating criteria. (Criteria that is constantly changing.) Our process is highly effective because we constantly research what the search engines are doing, and help your business stay on top with what we learn.
Our ability to gain high ratings for your site depends on our creating your site to rate well in the five criteria within our immediate control. (The sixth criterion, the number of incoming links, is more subtle and expensive and takes longer to produce results.). Our web design is based on the fundamentals of increasing the ratings of your site.
There are specific things that can be done on most web sites that make the pages
more desireable to the search engines and we have a 100 point checklist of items that we go thorugh wth every page.

The five main search engine criteria that we code for are:

  1. Your Domain Name -The letters that follow your www are highly regarded by many search engines. If you are not depending on advertising or promotion for most of your business, then consider imbedding your product or service within your domain name. Those words most often used to find your site in a word search are the words you need to consider inside your domain name.
  2. Web Site Text - Here is the major reason search engines are constantly changing their indexing. Search engine companies want to rank web sites according how relevant the information on the page is. For this reason, using under-handed (or "Black Hat") coding to rank your web site is not the right way to get your business ahead on the Internet. Be wary of any company that will guarantee a #1, or even page 1, slot within a week or two. Chances are, they are using underhanded techniques that could easily get you blacklisted from the search engines. Once a web site is blacklisted, it can take a year and a lot of money to get it back.
  3. Web Page Title - There are search engines for which the title is extremely important. Your key words should appear in your title line. Every page in your site will receive a title.
  4. Page Descriptions - Not visible on screen is a coded description of your site. This is a single full sentence with your key words within the text of the sentence.
  5. Navigation - The navigation of your web site is vitally important, not only to search engines but to your customers also. You want your site to be easily navigated so they can find information quickly.

There are many related variables, some of them very important. How you use keywords, how many levels there are to your site, whether your site is dynamic or static in nature (how it works with smart phones), what the url page names are and many other variables influence a site's ability to get high rankings.

We are experts at doing that. Contact us today.

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