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Free ebook, internet marketing, tacoma web design, puyallup web design, seattle web designHOW TO MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN TWO DAYS

Using affiliate programs to generate fast cash without selling a thing

An Armchair Webmaster™ report by Ty Belknap

This version of the ebook How To Make Thousands of Dollars In Two Days is free to read and study. Copying the information is, of course, illegal without written permission. You can purchase a downloadable Adobe Acrobat version of this ebook so you can read it at your leisure, without having to be connected to the Internet and without ads by clicking here.

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Table of Contents

Your Target to Wealth - small business opportunity, home business opportunityPage 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Make Money While You Sleep
Page 3 - Your Worst Fears May Be True
Page 4 - Clear Your Mind And See The Light
Page 5 - Finding the Right Programs
Page 6 - The Satisfaction of a Hard Day's Work
Page 7 - Affiliate Programs That Generate Cash
Page 8 - 7 BIG Mistakes
Page 9 - Ways to Make Money

Page 1 - Introduction


How I made $50 million in JUST ONE MONTH!
Special program NOBODY ELSE HAS!
Nigerian government wants to send you 1.5 million!
Bridge for sale in New York! Put your own toll booth on it!

Okay, the last one was a bit over the top, but have you received one of those “Nigerian millionaire” emails? Everyone is trying to get us to believe in “Get Rich Quick” schemes, but they just don’t work. Our own government is doing it, too. What do you think the lottery is?

There is no get rich quick solution for most of us, but do you really want one? How do you feel when you work hard, really put all your effort into a project, and it ends up exactly as you wanted. Pretty good, right? The satisfaction of doing well and being rewarded for it is more powerful than anything anyone else could give us.

We all might like a “get rich quick” solution, but the satisfaction of being paid for a job well done is much more rewarding!

Of course, everyone’s definition of rich, and quick for that matter, is different. One person’s idea of rich could be a $200 check coming in the mail every month, every year, for something they did years ago. Another person might want that check to be $20,000… ?

But what if you had an extra $200 coming in every month, from each of 4 sources ($800 a month total), because of a project you took 2 days to complete. And what if you could spend 10 hours per year maintaining the project to keep the $800 coming in? Is a wage of $960 an hour attractive to you? It is possible, even likely, if you roll up your sleeves and dig in!

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