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Internet Marketing Strategy

Just like you would develop a plan before spending thousands of dollars on a television advertising campaign, you need a plan before you invest in an Internet presence for your company.

So what is the difference between a web site and an effective internet strategy? A web site is a group of pages posted on the internet that may or may not accurately represent your company. An productive internet strategy is effective planning executed to make a web site an integrated and useful part of a company's long term marketing success. At Intra-Designs, we understand that to make an online presence truly compelling it has to add value to the overall presentation of the company.

A compelling web site represents the integrity and professionalism of an organization

The visual countenance and the ease-of-use of a web site are direct attributes to a visitor's judgment of a business and what the business represents.

An effective web site will streamline business operations and lower expenses.

The site should contain functional services for the clients and staff. This can be in the form of posting news items about the company, answers to frequently asked questions, keeping a calendar of events, online billing, or many other services.

A web site must be properly marketed through the internet and other marketing channels

Successful marketing campaigns combine search engine optimization and submissions to search engines, as well as advertising your domain name on traditional marketing materials.

Your web site becomes a powerful business marketing tool when the points above are applied properly.

Internet marketing strategy